Fiercely critical of NSA, Germany now answering for its own spy practices

Germany is embroiled in a spying controversy that is causing political upheaval and sparking a national debate about surveillance. 

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel discovered in 2013 that the National Security Agency had been snooping on her countrymen, and even tapping her own cellphone, through the media leaks by former agency contractor Edward Snowden. Soon after, she famously remarked, “Spying between friends, that’s just not done.”

Now, in something of an ironic twist, Germany is coming to terms with its own spy agency’s surveillance tactics and cooperation with the NSA. Continue reading

Israeli Salafi Imam Nazem Abu Salim: We Are On the Verge of Defeating the U.S….

July 1, 2010

Special Dispatch No.3072

Gen. Petraeus’ Collapse Before Congress Was a Sign from Allah That ‘These People Will Be Defeated’; ‘That Great Black Oil Spill… They Are Unable to Defeat It – What Will Happen, Then, If the Soldiers of Allah Attack Them?’

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon by Israeli Salafi Imam Sheikh Nazem Abu Salim, a.k.a. Abu Osama Al-Naseri, at the Shihab Al-Din Mosque in Nazareth.

The members of the alleged Nazareth jihadist terror cell, whose arrest was announced on June 28, 2010, have been tied to Abu Salim and the Shihab Al-Din Mosque.

The sermon was delivered on June 25, 2010, and posted on the Internet on June 29.

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"I Can Tell You.. That Even Though Algeria Lost to the U.S. In the Court of the Antichrist [in The World Cup] – In the Court of Real Men, We Have Defeated America"

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L.A. Chief: ‘It’s Time for an Insider’

Rick Orlov

Daily News, Los Angeles

Oct. 9–As he makes his final rounds across the city, Police Chief Bill Bratton cautioned Thursday against reductions in the Los Angeles Police Department and said he hopes his successor will come from within the agency.

In his final monthly media briefing before he steps down, Bratton also talked about the department‘s latest efforts to fight terrorism and defended the programs he established. Continue reading