#Iran to #Israel: We’ll Destroy Tel Aviv in 10 Minutes

February 21, 2015  By Ari Yashar
Iran's Revolutionary Guards fire a Saegheh missile (illustration)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fire a Saegheh missile (illustration)

A senior figure in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Mujtabi Du Al-Nour, threatened on Saturday that Iran will destroy Tel Aviv in ten minutes if Israel “makes a mistake” and strikes the Islamic regime’s nuclear facilities.

Al-Nour, who is a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a talk with journalists responded to Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman’s (Yisrael Beytenu) comments from Friday, when he said Israel should stop talking and start acting by striking the facilities said to be developing nuclear weapons. Continue reading

Sydney Siege: Flag In Australian Terrorist Attack Is Not ISIS, But Similar To A Hizb al-Tahrir Flag

  @alessandriamasi a.masi@ibtimes.com on December 15 2014 9:04 AM
A police officer runs across Martin Place near Lindt café, where hostages are being held, in central Sydney. Reuters/David Gray

A number of terrorist groups active in Australia could be responsible for the hostage-taking that began Sunday in siege, with affiliations that range from Hezbollah to Hamas, but the Islamic State group has not officially aligned with any of them. At least one of those groups uses the flag that was displayed in the window in the Martin Place coffee shop where a man saying he has a bomb is holding several hostages, but it isn’t ISIS.

A gunman overran the Lindt Café in Sydney Sunday night and reportedly forced hostages to display a black flag with what appeared to be the shahada, the Muslim creed, in white. Though many were quick to tie the flag to the terrorist group known as the Islamic State or ISIS that has made unprecedented gains across Iraq and Syria and recruited thousands of foreign fighters, the flags are not the same. However, ISIS has put out a global call for its supporters to conduct lone-wolf attacks and that possibility has not been ruled out in Sydney. Continue reading

Iranian support seen crucial for Yemen’s Houthis

A Shi'ite Houthi mans a weapon on the back of a patrol truck, with Ansar al-Sharia flags in the background, in Almnash
A Shi’ite Houthi mans a weapon on the back of a patrol truck, as Ansar al-Sharia flags are seen in …

By Yara Bayoumy and Mohammed Ghobari

SANAA (Reuters) – Iran has supplied weapons, money and training to the Shi’ite Houthi militia that seized Yemen‘s capital in September, as Tehran steps up its regional power struggle with Saudi Arabia, Yemeni and Iranian officials say.

Exactly how much support Iran has given the Houthis, who share a Shi’ite ideology, has never been clear. Sunni countries in the Gulf accuse Iran of interference via Shi’ite proxies in the region, something Tehran denies. Continue reading

Iran offers help in Iraq. Just say ‘no’

Over the weekend, news broke that the United States is planning on discussing the growing chaos in Iraq with the government of Iran. Iran has already offered to send in its elite IRGC troops to help counter the Sunni al Qaeda offshoot, ISIS, that is spreading across Iraq with little resistance from Iraq’s own armed forces. Three points:

  1. Iran’s own offer is a classic Tehran style operation, the analog of its behavior in Beirut in the 1980s, when Iranian proxies took dozens of hostages (including Americans) and Iran offered to help “negotiate” for their release. The regime of the Islamic Republic is in large part to blame for the chaos now engulfing the region. The people of Syria took to the streets to overthrow Iranian protégé Bashar el Assad. If Iran had simply stepped aside, a peaceful revolution might have taken place in Syria. Instead, Iranian troops, advisers, proxies and arms flowed into Syria, helping ignite the civil war that has claimed 160,000 lives. That war, and the Sunni extremists that joined the battle, were the spark that ignited the flames now sweeping Iraq. Continue reading