NYPD Ramps Up Security After 3 Overseas Terror Attacks

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English: NYPD Traffic Enforcement police car photographed in NYC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Law enforcement officials in New York City and the U.S. are on high alert following a trio of terror attacks that spread across three continents on Friday. Chief Investigative Reporter Jonathan Dienst reports. (Published Friday, Jun 26, 2015)

The NYPD says it is stepping up security measures and soon will be adding hundreds of officers to its counter-terror unit in part due to the three major terror attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia.

NYPD officials said there is no specific threat to the city but the U.S.-owned gas company targeted in the French attack, Air Products, has facilities north of New York City as well as in New Jersey, though it’s based in Pennsylvania.

The plant in France was targeted by an Islamic extremist known to authorities dating to 2006, officials said. The suspect allegedly drove a truck into canisters at the plant, causing an explosion, then allegedly beheaded his boss and left the head impaled on a fence next to two ISIS flags, French authorities said. Continue reading

Sydney Siege: Flag In Australian Terrorist Attack Is Not ISIS, But Similar To A Hizb al-Tahrir Flag

  @alessandriamasi a.masi@ibtimes.com on December 15 2014 9:04 AM
A police officer runs across Martin Place near Lindt café, where hostages are being held, in central Sydney. Reuters/David Gray

A number of terrorist groups active in Australia could be responsible for the hostage-taking that began Sunday in siege, with affiliations that range from Hezbollah to Hamas, but the Islamic State group has not officially aligned with any of them. At least one of those groups uses the flag that was displayed in the window in the Martin Place coffee shop where a man saying he has a bomb is holding several hostages, but it isn’t ISIS.

A gunman overran the Lindt Café in Sydney Sunday night and reportedly forced hostages to display a black flag with what appeared to be the shahada, the Muslim creed, in white. Though many were quick to tie the flag to the terrorist group known as the Islamic State or ISIS that has made unprecedented gains across Iraq and Syria and recruited thousands of foreign fighters, the flags are not the same. However, ISIS has put out a global call for its supporters to conduct lone-wolf attacks and that possibility has not been ruled out in Sydney. Continue reading

After Fatal Attack on Shi’as, Saudi Arabia Gets Tough on Terrorism

Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 12 Issue: 22
November 21, 2014 04:04 PM


On November 3, five people were shot dead and nine others wounded when three masked gunmen attacked a group of Shi’as who were leaving a mosque at the village of al-Dalwa in Ahsa governorate in Saudi Arabia’s eastern region. The attackers reportedly used machine guns and pistols in their attack, which took place as the victims were leaving a Shi’a ceremony commemorating Ashura, which marks the death of Imam Hussain, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Within 24 hours, Saudi security forces reported that they had arrested six suspects as part of “simultaneous security operations implemented in Shaqra governorate in Riyadh region and Ahsa governorate and Khobar city in the eastern region” (al-Riyadh, November 4). Two members of the Saudi security forces and two suspects were reportedly killed in the operations. Further arrests have been made since then, with a total of 26 suspects reportedly being detained to date (al-Sharq al-Awsat, November 7). Continue reading

The New “Moderates”: ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists