Fast Draw – Russia vs. The West

It’s not that Putin is so strong, it’s that the world is weak. Putin’s recent actions have been nothing less than outrageous, but that’s because he can see that weakness very clearly

9916896_m featureSyria, Afghanistan, Iraq, the evidence for that weakness goes on and on. The U.S. and Europe compete to see who initiates more sterile discussions in the U.N. or other useless international organizations. Putin can see the big picture and acts on it. The atmoshpere of “Russia can do anything” peaked two days ago.

The leading anchor of Russia’s national TV station described Russia as the only country that can turn the U.S. into “radioactive ash” – a comment which led to increased tension between the two in light of recent events in the Crimean Peninsula.

“Russia is the only country in the world who can really turn the U.S. into radioactive ash,” said Dmitry Kisliyov in his weekly report on the Rossiya 1 TV channel. He argued that America and Barack Obama are afraid of Putin and Russia in light of the Ukraine sitation.

Kisliyov is close to Putin, who appointed him as the head of Putin’s propaganda channel – Russian news agency “Russia Today”, who was meant to replace RIA Novosti. The journalist supported President Putin and used his show to slam the Ukraine protests against ousted president Victor Yanokovich.

Kisliyov went even farther than that. He mentioned the cold-war-era Perimeter system, launching inter-continential missiles automatically in case of nuclear attack. He claimed that the system is still active, and focus on the fact that Russia still has a second strike capability.

Even if its just empty talk by an overzealous presentor, it still reflects the atmosphere – Putin can do whatever he wants. How does that concern us? No Middle-East agreement will be signed without Moscow’s support. Without Russia there won’t be any security agreements. Everthing else is purely ornamental.

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