US Drone Strike In Somalia Kills Arab Al Qaida Members

Posted on 2012/02/27 by Florian Flade


Al-Qaida member “Abu Ibrahim” from Morocco was killed in Somalia drone strike

On Saturday a US drone fired missiles at a convoy carrying Islamist militants about 60km south of Mogadishu. Several foreign Jihadis were said to have died in the airstrike. Local residents reported four Al-Shabaab fighters became victims of the drone strike, among them a white Kenyan Jihadi named “Akram.

A member of a Jihadi Internet forum now confirms the identity of those who were killed by the US drone. According to the Internet posting two foreign Islamist and a Somalia militant became “martyrs” in the missile strike. A Moroccan national named “Abu Ibrahim” is among the dead.

“Abu Ibrahim” who was featured in a video released by Somalia militant group “Al-Shabaab” in 2011, allegedly grew up in a neighborhood of Cassablanca and first got involved with Al-Qaida during a stay on the Arabian Peninsula. Later he joined Al-Qaida in Iraq under the command of Abu Musab az-Zarqawi before returning to Morocco.

The two other foreign militants are named as “Abu Ahmad” and “Abu Bakr al-Ansari”.

If true the latest US drone strike in Somalia indicates the CIA´s ongoing will to strike high value Al-Qaida targets in the country if necessary. Several Al-Qaida commanders have been taken out by either drone attacks or US commando raids in Somalia in previous years.

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