Taliban: Public Execution of Woman "Real or Rhetorical Propaganda?"


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban) has released a statement addressing whether the public execution of a woman was "Real or Rhetorical Propaganda?" According to the Taliban, "…mainstream media outlets have nothing to do with propagating the ground realities in Afghanistan. What they really have to do is to pin anything on Taliban that can defame them and tarnish the Mujahideen movement, no matter how much they have to overstep the bounds of media ethics." The Taliban asserted that "when we scrutinize we find that there are some technical flaws and lack of balance in what they have reported in the news about the stated women that we want to pinpoint before we confirm the truth of the news report." After examining the situation in detail, the Taliban reminded "media outlets…to observe their code of neutrality and [that they] should not be bent on tarnishing their good name for American hegemony." (Read Statement Here)


Read more: http://www.nefafoundation.org/


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