Tort Reform and Agro-terrorism

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The health care industry is a mess. The system is leaving millions without care, and the insurance industry is impossible to deal with because of their out of control greed. Costs are up, and consumer confidence is down. The only way to fix it is to remove all profit incentives, and let the federal government control the entire system.

Or at least that is what the Left would like you to believe.

One quick statement: Without a profit incentive, quality doctors will take their business elsewhere, and less above-average minds will persue a career in medicine. Result: Less medical personnel, lower quality care, long waiting periods, and a collapsing health care environment.

There are many factors contributing to our expensive health care system. The solution is not to pull the whole engine out, and then replace it with one that has a history of breaking down. The solution is to approach the individual problems, and resolve them with either free market solutions, or “Constitutional” government involvement.

Part of the problem is frivolous lawsuits, an aspect of the health care problem the Democrats are ignoring. One of the plans of attacks in solving the ever-increasing costs of health care, that has been proposed by conservatives and Republicans alike, is Tort Reform. The question is, however, how can regulation of lawsuits be applied constitutionally? Can only the states pass legislation to deal with malpractice suits that are usually not necessarily malpractice, or is the federal government allowed to place restrictions and controls on the legal field?

Tonight, on the Founding Truth Radio Show, hosted by myself, and Loki, we will take a long constitutional look at this issue. Join us live at 5:00 pm Pacific, 8:00 pm Eastern, for a look into the Constitutional Founding Truth of our nation, and the issues that present themselves.

See you live, or by archive, at

Then at 7:00 pm Pacific, 10:00 pm Eastern, Terrorism expert Tim Downs joins the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution to discuss the threat of agro-terrorism.

Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, counter-terrorism experts have been working to keep America safe from additional threats. Agro-terrorism is one of those threats that receives considerable attention. A single attack on U.S. farms could instantly contaminate the nation’s food supply. . . and affect millions of Americans.

Terrorism expert Tim Downs joins us to discuss the possibility of agro-terrorism, as well as his recent book “Ends of the Earth” which explores such a scenario.

Mr. Downs has been on radio and television programs worldwide, and now you have a chance to hear what he has to say on Political Pistachio.

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