Publisher cancels book for fear of Muslims, CAIR pleased.

Another publisher, another book involving Muslims and another cancellation.,2933,563380,00.html

A German book publisher has canceled a novel about Islamic “honor killings,” fearing that the book would offend the Muslim community and put him in danger. Critics of the decision call it a cowardly move, but others say the publisher is simply being responsible.

….But Droste Verlag spokeswoman Nora Tichy pointed to statements by Droste that were published Wednesday, in which he said he was primarily motivated by a desire to respect all religions — “whether Christianity, Islam or Judaism.” He said he still plans to release a book that involves an honor killing next year, but that it will not contain controversial passages such as one in the cancelled book in which a chracter says “You can shove your Koran up your…”

That passage, said Ibrahim Hooper, director of communications for the Council of American Islamic Relations, would offend Muslims. But while he would prefer to see the book go unpublished, he said Droste has every right to release it.

“Obviously it’s offensive. The question is do they have the right to publish it, and the answer is yes,” Hooper said.

“Now, they also have the right not to publish. That’s really something that should be up to the publisher. And we would hope that [the decision] would be based on good faith and respect for others and not due to potential violence.”

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