CNN: You Know Who’s Being Hit Hardest in This Economy? Muslims Trying to Start CAIR Chapters

May 14, 2009

By Debbie Schlussel Leave it to CNN, the Coran News Network (or Crescent News Network, take your pick). While the rest of us are looking at ways to save, cut back, and get ahead in this tough economy, CNN thinks it’s something that needs to be examined by religion. Because, as we all know, we Jews and Christians pay different prices at the gas pump and supermarket than Muslims, who are more “victimized” by tough economic times. The register at checkout recognizes their inner crescent and automatically jacks up the prices. Right? Well, since CNN couldn’t plausibly go ahead and seriously make that absurd charge, they made a different one–almost as absurd. Times are tough because a Muslim couple has important expenses . . . like starting a chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). an unindicted HAMAS terrorist financier.

Lori Saroya:

Muslim Chick Making $120K Hardest Hit in Tough Economy b/c She Has Sharia Mortgage & Has to Start CAIR Chapter In its “Religion and Money: The Price of Faith” series, CNN tells us the story of three different couples–Muslim, Christian, and Jewish–and how they have certain specific struggles in this economy. I couldn’t find the Jewish couple’s story–it’s been removed, probably because the Muslim couple insisted on erasing the Jews from the CNN (site) map. But the Muslim couple’s story is just so touching. Kashif and Lori Saroya make almost $120,000 a year. But the poor things, dear souls that they are, have to pay $1,800 extra per year for a Sharia-complaint mortgage they insisted on undertaking. Oh, the unfairness. And then there’s their CAIR chapter–an expense that those Jews and Christians don’t have to do, and it’s not fair. They make $117,500 a year. But they don’t spend much on themselves. Their biggest outlays are on community service work. Lori estimates that, for one, she’s spent about $15,000 to establish the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which advocates for Muslims facing discrimination. Correction: It advocates for Muslims discriminating. This is “community service work”? More like service against the community. But, anyway, Muslims starting CAIR chapters . . . the Americans hardest hit in our economy.

Reader Juli: It stopped me in my tracks: part of the Muslim woman’s financial hardship involved setting up a local chapter of CAIR. How nice. Yup. But that’s the CNN agenda. Teaching Muslims to love terrorist groups and hate non-Muslims is expensive. But, apparently, a CAIR chapter is now an economic necessity in America. Disgusting. Posted by Debbie at May 14, 2009 04:18 PM

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