THE hate-filled dad who shocked the world by parading his baby daughter on a demo in a pink bonnet emblazoned “I LOVE AL-QAEDA” is today behind bars facing life imprisonment.

When he first hit headlines preaching terror at the 2006 Danish Embassy protest in London he hid behind the chilling alias Abu Jihad-meaning ‘holy war’.

But now we reveal the evil ranting fanatic is actually 41-year-old ALI BEHESHTI-now awaiting sentence for his part in an extremist firebomb attack on the home of a publisher.

When he cynically used his 20-month-old daughter Farisa as cheerleader for murder and mayhem, protesting at Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, Beheshti proudly proclaimed her “the youngest member of al-Qaeda”.

Under cover of his fake name the radical Muslim waved banners vowing to “Massacre those who insult Islam!” and promising “Europe, your 9/11 will come!”

But although the jobless hardliner from East London, demands total respect for his own religion he uses ruthless violence to suppress the free speech of others-and state handouts to fund his sick way of life. Are we suprised? not at all,this is typical behaviour of a hardlined selfrighteous bigot who will suck the life out of the society he despises.

And this week in Croydon Crown Court he and accomplice Abrar Mirza admitted attacking the home of 45-year-old businessman Martin Rynja for planning to publish a novel about Mohammed. A third man is still on trial.

Police and fire crews smashed the door down to put out the petrol-fuelled blaze. Beheshti, a trained pilot and disciple of notorious hook-handed imam Abu Hamza, was arrested by anti-terror cops.

As her dad languishes in jail little Farisa is now four, attending Islamic school and living with mother Hannah, a white middle-class British convert to the faith.

A good job done, another worthless scab picked off the back of society, I know he’s in jail paid for by the taxpayer, but I see it as an investment, gimme more of that!

Thanks to Newsof the world.

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