3 terrorism support suspects arrested in Boumerdès

Joint security forces eliminate a terrorist and injure two in Tipaza

Joint security forces in Tipaza central province have eliminated, yesterday, a terrorist pertaining to a terrorist group known as Sahwa & Jihad at Gouraya municipality.

According to a well-informed source, the terrorist has been killed in a trap set up by the Army troops to terrorists moving western Tipaza. 2 terrorists have been injured, but managed to escape, while a Kalashnikov gun machine has been recuperated.
Moreover, the security services, last weekend, have put behind bars 3 people suspected of bringing support to terrorists, at Zemouri, and Legata municipalities in the central province Boumerdes. This operation came just after the killing of a 54-years old self-defence guard bearing the initials T.A, near SIDER housing settlement. He has been shot by 2 terrorists, who have fled on board of a car.
Meanwhile, a hand made bomb explosion last Thursday, in Skikda eastern province, has cut the leg of a citizen. The bomb has been set by a terrorist group through the region. The victim has been transported to the hospital for emergency treatment, a local source said.

By A.B/B.S/Translation Section



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