Pakistan: Youth Killed By Islamist Bomb In Internet Cafe?

November 14, 2007

Pakistan: Youth Killed By Islamist Bomb In Internet Cafe?

News from International Herald Tribune, Dawn and Pakistan’s Daily Times is slightly contradictory, but the concurrent points are these:

In Peshawar in the troubled North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, a bomb exploded in an internet cafe in Gulbahar district. One person was killed. According to IHT and the Daily Times, the attack took place on Tuesday. However, Dawn (from Sunday 11 November) states the blast happened on Sunday.

Because of the state of emergency, it is to be expected that stories will not always be verified as they would normally be. The victim is said (IHT) to be 12, and according to the Daily Times, his hands were blown off, indicating he himself may have set off the bomb (according to Tahir Khan, chief of police in Gulbahar district).

Because of the confusion in the stories, I am here placing all three accounts, and when more substantial information comes in, I will update this post.


Bomb explodes in internet cafe

Bureau Report

PESHAWAR, Nov 11: A man was injured in a bomb blast in an internet cafe on the Ishrat Cinema Road in Gulbahar-4 on Sunday.

The owner of Cyber Point, Gohar Ali of the Sheikh Abad-1 area, was injured in the blast.

According to Mr Ali, the explosion took place at 4pm when he was taking his meal. He said he found himself under broken furniture and computers.

Two other people were working on a computer in the cafe when the low-intensity 300-gram local-made bomb exploded.

Daily Times:

One killed in cyber cafe blast

PESHAWAR: A man died when a bomb exploded in a cyber cafe in the Gulbahar police precincts on Tuesday, police said.

Gulbahar Police Station Investigation Officer Mirza Khan told Daily Times that the bomb was Russian made, weighed around 700-800 grammes, and went off at around 2.30pm in the Nihar Net Cafe located near the Gulbahar Police Station.

He said the identity of the man killed had not yet been verified and that the cyber cafe’s owner, Nihar, had fled after the blast. An eyewitness told Daily Times that there were two or three people in the cyber cafe at the time of the explosion. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Tahir Khan told Daily Times that the blast had blown off both hands of the deceased, and “it seems that he was trying to plant the bomb”. The SSP said police were trying to identify the deceased, who could not have been a suicide attacker as the amount of explosives was small. staff report

International Herald Tribune:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: A bomb exploded inside an Internet cafe in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing a 12-year-old boy, police said.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack in Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province, where militants are waging a Taliban-style anti-vice campaign.

Islamic militants regularly target music and video shops, and sometimes Internet cafes, in the region in what they say is a drive against obscenity.

Tahir Khan, Peshawar’s police chief, said the boy was alone in the cafe when the blast occurred. He provided no details.





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