News story from Belgium

News story from Belgium that further demonstrates the idiocy of Islam


Submitted by kellym78 on Thu, 2007-11-01 22:17.


A Belgian anesthetist has filed a complaint against a Muslim who blocked him from entering the operating theatre where his wife was to undergo emergency surgery.

The woman was operated with the male doctor shouting instructions from a hallway to a female nurse

Doctor Philippe Becx from Bree, Belgium, was called to the hospital in the middle of the night because a woman had to undergo an emergeny caesarean section.

However, her husband blocked the door and demanded a female anesthetist. The latter was unavailable.

After a two-hour discussion proved fruitless, an imam was summoned. The imam permitted the doctor to apply an epidural injection, but only if the woman was fully covered with only a small area of skin showing.

During the surgery itself, performed by a female gynecologist, the anesthetist was to remain in the hallway. Through a door that was slightly ajar, he shouted instructions to a nurse who was monitoring the anesthesia.

According the hospital’s directors, the doctor acted with ‘admirable understanding.’ He would have been in his right to have the man removed by police.

The anesthetist has now filed a complaint with an investigate judge, charging that he was hindered in fulfilling his fuctions, and that he was discrimanated against since he was not allowed to do his job merely because he is a man.

The doctor further claims moral damage, since he could not fulfill his medical duties while he would still be liable should any complications have occured.

The Belgian organization of anesthetists says there have been other incidents between Muslims and male doctors. The organization demands clear guidelines from the government. “Tolerance is nice, but it may not jeopardize safety,” says chairman René Heylen.

The Muslim is also charged with endangering the lives of his wife and child.

The caesarean section was succesful, and mother and child are doing fine.

Next time somebody asks why we do what we do, why we aren’t content to let people believe in the insane ramblings of so-called “holy men”, I’m going to point out that this man would have rather had his wife and child die than for a man see the skin on her back. If you have to wait two hours and then call an imam to bless a procedure that will save the lives of those that you supposedly hold dear–you are a sick fuck–a twisted victim of an institution that should be eradicated from the face of the earth.




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