Hizballah Mole Case Reflects Depth of Threat

Hizballah Mole Case Reflects Depth of Threat

By Bill West

The emerging prosecution case against the former FBI and CIA officer in Detroit who has just pleaded guilty to various Federal felonies stemming from her apparent fraudulent infiltration of those agencies demonstrates the threat posed by operatives and sympathizers of terrorist organizations penetrating the front-line national security departments defending America from those very terror organizations. This is nothing new. This is the way skilled hostile intelligence organizations conduct espionage during wartime. This particular case, disturbingly, may be indicative of the level of sophistication Hizballah’s intelligence apparatus, surely with the assistance of the Iranian government, has reached.

Equally disturbing is how the accused defendant employed, with apparent ease, immigration fraud to remain in the United States after first entering on a temporary student visa (and how many hundreds of thousands of others like her from terrorist producing countries have similarly entered the US in recent years?). She then engaged in a sham marriage to obtain permanent resident status and ultimately obtained naturalized US citizenship via fraud. Having obtained US citizenship, she applied to the FBI and became an agent and later transferred to the CIA. A more potentially damaging security scenario would be hard to imagine.

While the Federal law enforcement authorities who brought this case to fruition should be commended, there are apparent systemic problems presented by this case. The background investigation process for such positions, one might have assumed, should have identified her original illegal immigration status. Was that even a “red flag” in the security process? Original illegal immigration status, followed by resident status via marriage and quick divorce, facts identified in the case press release, are indicators of fraud. Should those factors not have been considered during the vetting for a Top Secret clearance? If not, why not? These, perhaps, are questions for further inquiry; perhaps by Congressional oversight authorities.

Unfortunately, terrorists and their supporters fraudulently acquiring US citizenship and otherwise engaging in immigration fraud in support of their nefarious actions, to include the infiltration of US Government agencies, is something not limited to this case. Read more about such matters here, here, here and here.

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