American Airlines Flight 590 Police Report

American Airlines Flight 590 Police Report

Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 5:05:36 pm PST

Annie Jacobsen reports that American Airlines has no intention of settling the “racial profiling” lawsuit brought against them by six Arab Iraqis, and she posts the police report on the incident to show why: Police Report: American Airlines Flight 590.

This 12-page police report explains why American Airlines should never pay these men a dime. It also explains why several names should be added to the 800,000+ name no-fly list — if they haven’t been added already.

Aviation security is a national security issue. There should be a zero tolerance policy in effect for anyone who acts like a bully in airports and on airplanes. Shame on the attorneys who represent people like this and shame on the journalists and news organizations who belittled the female passenger who opted out of having her kids bullied by a drunk actor named Dave Al-Watan. (Each flight attendant interviewed by the police felt the behavior of Al-Watan and his cohorts was belligerent, as did at least one other male passenger interview by police).

The men, it turns out, had been hired by the U.S. Military as “authentic Iraqi” actors in Iraq-war, “role-playing scenarios.” I asked a U.S. Federal Air Marshal what this meant: “Most likely these guys were at Ft. Irwin playing terrorists and insurgents,” he said.

They should have left their role-playing at the army base. Instead, they tried auditioning for FOX news (see police report page 3).




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